'Million Mom' Protests Lead to Million-View Week for Sexy Liquid Plumr Video

Watchdog Outrage Helps Another Brand Climb Viral Chart

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Another week, another sexually charged ad to debut on the Viral Video Chart -- but this time, it's from a less expected source.

With its new 60-second spot winkingly titled "Double Impact," Liquid Plumr has managed to poke the same dragon that heated up JC Penney 's new ad campaign last month. Conservative activist group One Million Moms very publicly opposed both ads (Liquid Plumr for being too sexy and J.C. Penney Co.for hiring openly gay spokesperson Ellen) which meant instant viral attention for an otherwise boring or even unpleasant product.

"Double Impact" garnered more than a million views last week, debuting at No. 5. It shows a woman's grocery-aisle fantasy about a pair of muscular plumbers described by the Million Moms as "nice looking with huge biceps and a tight shirt" -- tending to her clogged sink. They use well-worn innuendos like, "I'm here to snake your drain" and "I'm here to flush your pipe." We're even treated to porny music and a Barry White-like narrator.

While OMM is at it, it should also probably admonish the reigning No. 1 spot this week -- M&Ms. Super Bowl hit "Just My Shell," which earned no fewer than 3 million views this week alone -- for featuring a bona-fide M&M full-frontal.

Flanking it are returning Super Bowl spots from Volkswagen, and Doritos, which both lost steam from last week, and also Hyundai's "What a Hyundai Can Do" campaign, which climbed six spots since last week to claim the No. 3 seat, with 1.1 million views.

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