Samsung and Rick Perry Debut on the Viral Chart

But Presidential Candidate Beaten Handily by California Taxidermist

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Wrangling a YouTube celeb and professional Rock Band gamer Freddie Wong, Samsung stormed the viral video chart this week, debuting at No. 1 with nearly 6 million views last week for a video for its new Galaxy S II smart phone. As likely the most loved Android smart phone among fan boys, it's no surprise the video from Digitas Boston was also a hit.

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry also made an appearing this week at No. 8 with a half-million views, marking the first viral video political ad for the 2012 election. The Texas governor's video features a post-apocalyptic America where "President Zero" has fallen asleep on the job. Thankfully, as the soundtrack and tenor suggest, handsome Gov. Perry swoops in to save the day like a tanned Ben Affleck in an action flick.

New to the chart at No. 2, Ad Age 's unofficial favorite: Ojai Valley Taxidermy introduces us to Chuck Testa, who taxidermizes exotic animals to fool people in rural California that there are leopards feeding on impalas on their decks. Bravo, North Carolina-based comedy duo Rhett & Link but, laughs aside, we must also point out there's been a controversy over Mr. Testa's fashion sense.

Also making its first appearance on the viral video chart is Google Wallet's "First Customer" video. Dipping back into TV history, R/GA illustrated the benefit of paying with your phone with George Costanza's exploding wallet. That makes two Google videos on the chart, with its Lady Gaga Chrome video from BBH and Google Creative Labs falling to No. 9 last week.

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