Samsung Uses Sex to Sell Motion-Sensor Technology

'Seductive Motion' Debuted Last Week With 4.2 Million Views

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Samsung has become something of a regular on the Viral Video Chart. Last week it came in fifth with a video starring man candy David Beckham. This week, it tops the chart with a spot featuring his female equivalent, a Victoria Secret model.

Seductive Motion, which debuted last week with 4.2 million views, shows model Angela Bellotte, in a pair of incredibly short shorts, using the Samsung Smart TV's new motion-sensor functionality.

Standing in front of Samsung TV, and a giant window in full view of a neighboring office building, the model begins to gesture at the TV. Not knowing that she is just using the motion sensor to adjust the volume, the men in office building mistakenly think that she is waving at each of them. The spot ends as a chaotic sprint of potential suitors, including viral-video legend Isaiah Mustafa, rush to the model's door only to discover that the only one of them that interests her is the one delivering her pizza.

An infusion of paid placements helped the video to unseat Nike 's Summer of Football, which had spent the last two weeks in the No. 1 spot.

But Samsung wasn't finished there. The electronics brand also comes in at No. 10 on the chart with the video Samsung Memory. Part of a campaign that promotes the brand's memory chip, each of the three spots produced shows the personification of a common technological issue. This spot stars Battery Brutus who sucks the battery out of your non-Samsung-memory-chip-having devices.

Not a bad week for the technology brand, which is also making news for the announcement that its Galaxy S III will be available in the U.S. later this month.

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