Samsung Tops Red Bull, Google, Apple and Nike as Viral Brand Of 2012

These Brands Were Consistently Able to Produce Content People Want to Watch

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Last week Ad Age published its top viral video campaigns of the 2012. This week, we're turning our attention to the brands that dominated video viewing in 2012. These are more than one-hit wonders; these brands made video a central part of their marketing strategy, the ones that made the videos people chose to watch.

The top brand,it should surprise no one, is Samsung, which spent more appearances (40) on Ad Age 's Viral Video Chart than any other brand in 2012, according to Visible Measures. Samsung actually had 13 different campaigns that made the Viral Chart this year, including "LeBron's Day" and "Introducing Galaxy Note," but the biggest hit was its excellent parodies of the Apple faithful in its Galaxy S III campaign, "The Next Big Thing Is Already Here."

Making the top-10 campaigns chart for 2012 was tougher than ever this year, with the top three campaigns ringing in more than 100 million views. But the top-brands list is about consistency and to some extent, volume. Brands that made today's chart generally made a lot of videos that performed very well, including its Nexus 7 ads, as well as product demos like "Project Glass" and brand campaigns like "Go Google." Google made 29 appearances on the Viral Chart in 2012, second only to Samsung.

Google's savvy in video is really its secret weapon in marketing products that range from Google Fiber in Kansas City to Google+ Hangouts. That's why we're excited that Robert Wong, chief creative officer of Google's Creative Lab, will be joining us at Ad Age 's Digital Conference April 16-17.

Other marketers on the top-brands list that didn't have a single campaign in the top-10 of 2012 include Nike , the Barack Obama presidential campaign, Old Spice, Intel and Apple.

Tomorrow we'll weigh in on the top agencies in video in 2012. Stay tuned.

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