Save the Children's Awkward Models Join LeBron James on Viral Chart

Samsung's LeBron James App Tops Chart With 10 Million Views

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Capitalizing on LeBron James' infamous silence during the postseason playoffs, Samsung topped the chart this week, showcasing an app designed to give users unprecedented access to the star athlete's life.

Dubbed simply "LeBron," the Galaxy-exclusive app lets fans follow the MVP's every move and treats them to a look inside his daily routine, stats, and even his family life while he shoots for his third consecutive win. The 60-second spot garnered over 10 million views last week, according to Visible Measures.

At No. 10 is maybe the most awkward video ever to grace the Viral Chart. Save the Children asked sexy models to read -- in the most seductive fashion -- cue cards that describe the harsh realities facing 60 million women and children living in areas of armed conflict and natural disasters. The compelling message was aimed to cause discomfort, both for the models, clearly baffled and disturbed by it, and the viewer. Save the Children topped the Viral Chart in March with another disturbing video, "Most Shocking Second a Day."

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