Sony, Google Lead Viral Chart With Awesome Products You Can't Buy

Playstation and Google Glasses Generated Viewing Excitement

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Want to know what works on the web? Videos about gadgets, even ones you can't (yet) buy.

This week Sony's PlayStation 4 and Google's Google Glasses took one-two on the chart, but you won't be able to buy either for nearly a year.

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

The campaign for the first new PlayStation in seven years garnered 15.2 million views, and did not feature the console (although there may be a glimpse of it at the beginning). Instead, the videos highlight the games available on the PS4, which makes sense since game developers were heavily involved in the creation of the gaming device. Fans have uploaded more than 80 related clips.

The funny thing about the unveiling is that the console itself wasn't unveiled, nor was the price or release date, though we're assuming this will be during the holiday season of 2013.

Unlike the PlayStation 4 console, the gadget trailing it on the Chart has been quite visible to the public. Google takes No. 2 with the video "How it Feels" for its Project Glass. It garnered 13.9 million views.

The video is a demo of what Google Glass looks like for the person wearing it. It shows how the wearer can record video, send texts, search terms and images, take pictures and share them, and use maps.

Sources confirmed to CNET a few days back that Google Glass eyewear would be available for consumer purchase by the end of the year, ahead of the 2014 scheduled release, and would cost less than $1500.

But some lucky developers got their hands on the eyewear early through a series of hackathons in San Francisco and New York. And a pair even made a first appearance on eBay. An "early adapter," picking up his pair this week, put them up for bid on the site with an asking price of $1500. The price topped $15,000, but now has been removed.

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