Intel's 'Chase' Tops Verizon iPhone Spot on Viral Video Chart

Mini-Movie Made for the Web Puts Chip Maker on Chart for First Time

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NEW YORK ( -- With 1.8 million YouTube views and its first entry onto the chart, Intel's "Chase" mini-movie makes it to the straight to the top for a good reason -- it's a great action flick with a sexy heroine and two leather-jacket-and-gold-chains bad guys. The campaign won 1.1 million views in its first week alone.

The characters run, drive, fight and jump in and out of almost every kind of computer application possible from iTunes to Facebook to Microsoft Office to Adobe Creative Suite and beyond, the leaps reminiscent of another chart-topper -- "The Digital Story of the Nativity".

How did Intel shoulder its way onto the chart and stomp some old standbys from Blendtec, Evian and DC Shoes, as well as the hot viral brand video du jour for the upcoming Verizon iPhone? There are seven different videos for the campaign; looking at the growth curve of the original, there was sharp spike on the Jan. 18 and tapers off on the Jan. 19, the kind of spike that usually indicates paid promotion, but Intel claims the surge was organic, the product of some blog coverage.

Paid or not, "Chase" probably won on its own merits. It was filmed on location in Prague and created by independent San Francisco ad agency Venables Bell & Partners. Remember, this is an ad for a company without a consumer-facing product -- an "ingredient" brand. So what are they selling? "We want to achieve a greater emotional connection with the consumer," said Intel media relations manager David Dickstein. "When people shop for technology, when they see Intel, we want them to have a favorable feeling."

Verizon and Captain Morgan -- drunk dialing, anyone? -- were two additional new videos on the chart. Verizon was, of course, related to the release of the iPhone on their network, and Captain Morgan -- well, he's touting some exercise. Next week, watch out for "I'm Back," the latest Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice spot. Does "the man your man could smell like" have any mojo left?

Last Week Brand Campaign Agency Current Week Views* % Change in Views** Watch the Spot
1 New Intel The Chase Venables Bell & Partners 1,130,305 New Intel: The Chase
2 3 Evian Live Young BETC Euro RSCG 1,086,517 +15% Evian: Live Young
3 5 Blendtec Will it Blend? In-House 846,044 +24% Blendtec: Will it Blend?
4 4 DC Shoes Gymkhana Three In-house 829,024 0% DC Shoes: Gymkhana Three
5 New Verizon iPhone Coming to Verizon N/A 676,720 New Verizon: iPhone Coming to Verizon
6 Back on Chart Allstate Mayhem Is Coming Leo Burnett 631,099 Back on Chart Allstate: Mayhem Is Coming
7 10 Popcorn, Indiana Much Better Contest The Ad Store 586,792 +33% Popcorn, Indiana: Much Better Contest
8 New Captain Morgan Workout Pereira Odell 510,057 New Captain Morgan: Workout
9 8 DC Shoes Gymkhana Two In-house 489,509 -2% DC Shoes: Gymkhana Two
10 9 Geico Really Save The Martin Agency 438,350 -1% Geico: Really Save
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