'Avengers' Tie-ins Go Viral for Brands (or, Why We Don't Let Movie Trailers on the Viral Chart)

Hyundai's Message to Space Falls From No. 1 Spot

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Pepsi Max's drone soccer referees overran other brand videos in the week ending Sunday, taking the top spot on our weekly Viral Video Chart from Visible Measures with its "Tron"-like gameplay.

But Audi capitalized on the "Avengers" sequel with a well-timed campaign starring Stan Lee, creator of countless Marvel characters, earning the No. 2 spot. And Samsung took third with its own "Avengers" tie-in, a campaign that also promote the electronics giant's Gear VR headset.

Speaking of movies, it's worth noting that the Viral Video Chart excludes movie and video game trailers, partly because their popularity would often swamp the competition. You can see why Audi and Samsung hooked up with Marvel.

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