This Man Shaved for The First Time In 14 Years -- and That's Enough to Go Viral

Bank of America, Always and Old Navy Highlight Empowerment in Latest Videos

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Changing up your look can be risky, but when one man took the plunge and shaved his beard for the first time in 14 years, it was enough to go viral on the web. "My New Face," from the Super-Pharm pharmacy chain in Isreal, captures the shocked reactions his family and friends have to his new, clean-shaven face -- good for more than 4 million views and the No. 8 spot on our weekly Viral Video Chart, which covers the week through Sunday.

From changing your look to challenging the norm, the No. 2, No. 3 and No. 6 videos this week highlight the overcoming of obstacles. Bank of America's video "Special Olympics 2015" shares the inspiring story of athlete Dustin Plunkett, while "Unstoppable" for Always continues to empower women through the #LikeaGirl campaign.

And new to the charts, Old Navy's back-to-school music video, made in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of America, encourages kids to be, as last year, "#Unlimited." (Read more on the new campaign here.)

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