The Viral Video Chart Wants You to Cry

Knorr and Fixodent Among the Marketers With Sentimental Campaigns

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The Viral Video Chart is emotional this week.

At No. 1, Knorr brings us the story of Carmen, a husky guide living in the Arctic wilderness, miles from her family. She misses her mother's Sunday roast, a hearty meal including potatoes, gravy, vegetables and of course, roasted meat. The home-cooked message might be at odds with Knorr's pre-packaged products, but who can argue with a sweet story about a mother and daughter? And dogs? The tender video shot to the top of the Viral Video Chart, which tracks views of campaigns in the week ending each Sunday, as compiled by Visible Measures.

Continue your emotional journey with Fixodent's "Saving Aslan," a video about a moody lion with chronic tooth pain. With the help of a dental team, Aslan is soon back to his old self -- frolicking and roaring with his pride.

If you find free meals uplifting, you'll like McDonald's #McTollbooth video. Unsuspecting motorists on an expressway go through a tollbooth and receive a free McDonald's breakfast. The video, part of the brand's effort to win millennials, came in at number five this week.

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