Weight Watchers' Jessica Simpson Ad Upsets Apple's iPhone 5 on Viral Chart

Buzz Fueled By Simpson's Appearance On 'Katie'

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Last week Apple unveiled its iPhone 5, and as per usual, also released an ad for the phone which took off online. Now, here's a surprise: Apple's iPhone video didn't top the Viral Chart -- that honor goes once again to Intel and Toshiba's "The Beauty Inside" campaign, which we covered a few weeks ago.

But here's a bigger surprise: the Apple ad didn't come in second. That went to an unlikely brand for the Viral Chart, Weight Watchers. The company's new campaign starring Jessica Simpson debuted on the Chart this week with 4.5 million views spread over two pieces of creative.

The ad features Ms. Simpson, Weight Watchers' new spokeswoman, from the neck up, as she discusses her trying to lose her post-baby weight. Ms. Simpson's daughter, Maxwell, was born May 1 and she announced the partnership later that month. ABC News reported at the time that the company had offered the singer $3 million to be a spokesperson.  

It's not a particularly exciting ad, so why all the fuss? Well, much of the buzz around the ad was fueled by Ms. Simpson's guest appearance on Katie Couric's new show Katie last week. On the show, the star claimed that she had "surpassed the 40-pound mark" and was 10 pounds away from her goal weight.

Some celebrity magazines, like Star, weren't so convinced by Ms. Simpson and reported that she had worn double pairs of Spanx (shapewear) and used contouring makeup to appear slimmer. Of course, the rumors weren't helped by the fact that these ads only show the star's face and none of her body, which is not in keeping with Weight Watchers' usual routine. 

Ms. Simpson is following in the footsteps of Weight Watchers' last celebrity partnership with Jennifer Hudson, which was very successful. She signed on with the brand in 2010 and lost 80 pounds, her astounding transformation an endorsement for the brand at every event she attended. The company also attempted to court a male audience by signing on Charles Barkley as a spokesman earlier this year.

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