Account-side executive

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Tech toy can't live without:

Research in Motion's BlackBerry

Books, magazines on the nightstand:

"Brain Surgery for Suits: 56 Things Every Account Person Should Know," by Robert Solomon; "Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This," by Luke Sullivan; New York Magazine

Favorite Web sites:

The Onion, Morningstar, Salon

Favorite snacks:

Soy Crisps, Cheez-Its

Daytime fuel (non-alcoholic):

Red Bull, Starbucks mocha Frappuccino

Kick back after work with:

Jager Bomb-Jagermeister shot dropped into a glass of Red Bull.

New to the grocery list:

Infused olive oils, Crest Whitestrips

Drives: Honda Accord

Dreams of driving: BMW X7

Betting will win the Super Bowl:

Green Bay Packers

Listens to:

Dave Matthews Band, Norah Jones

Fashion chic:

Ralph Lauren

Describe workplace:

Rat Pack poster on the wall

New TV shows worth watching:

ABC's "Push, Nevada"

Please cancel:

CBS's "Big Brother"

Attention-getting commercials:

Dannon's La Creme, Nike Presto


"Early `80s are coming back in style. Turquoise and vegetarianism also big"

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