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Can't live without this tech tool:

Keyboard for Palm Pilot-"world's lightest laptop"; Power Mac G4

Books, magazines on the nightstand:

"The Highly Sensitive Person," by Elaine N. Aron; "Guns, Germs & Steel," by Jared Diamond; Stuff

Favorite Web sites:

DailyCandy, eBay, Craigslist

Favorite snacks:

Sourdough pretzel nuggets, chips (assorted flavors)

Daytime fuel (non-alcoholic):

San Pellegrino, Diet Coke

After work:

Vodka & tonic, Mike's Hard Lemonade

New to the grocery list:

Propel Fitness Water, Naked Food-Juice (Ultimate Juice Co.)



Dreams of driving:

Mini Cooper

Betting will win the Super Bowl:

St. Louis Rams

Listens to:

Elvis Costello, John Mayer, Django Reinhardt

Fashion chic:

Armani and Kenneth Cole

Describe workplace:

"Beads & yo-yos hanging from the ceiling."

New TV show worth watching:

Fox's "Firefly"

Please cancel:

Fox's "30 Seconds to Fame"

Eye-catching commercials:

Mountain Dew extreme sports, Apple's "Switch"


"Total beige immersion." "The dumbing down and fattening up of everything."

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