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Tech toy can't live without:

Nokia 6300 Series phone

Books, magazines on the nightstand:

"Bel Canto," by Ann Patchett; "Inner Game of Golf," by Tim Gallwey; Lucky

Favorite Web sites:

Mediabistro, hotornot

Favorite snacks:

"Anything that the media department gets for free; confounded by the high-fat/low-fat debate."

Daytime fuel (non-alcoholic):

Diet Snapple, Evian

After work:

Amstel Light, raspberry martini with Grey Goose vodka

New to the grocery list:

Tide Tabs, Wolfgang Puck Cheeseless Veggie Pizza


Mazda Protege

Dreams of driving:

Mercedes C-Class

Betting will win the Super Bowl:

"Don't care"

Listens to:

The Hives, Pete Yorn

Fashion chic:

BCBG, Prada

Describe workplace:

Life-size replica of Angel the Vampire

New TV show worth watching:

NBC's "Boomtown"

Please cancel:

Fox's "The Grubbs"

Eye-catching commercial:

New Gap commercials


"Home Depot is a zoo these days. All people talk about is cooking, fixing up their homes, projects." "Bizarre floral pants are in."

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