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A spot from Pepsi featuring sumo-wrestling rotisserie chickens and continuing the brand's "It's the Cola" theme, was the most-liked ad among viewers during the past month. Ads touting Edy's and Healthy Choice ice cream also made the Likability Top 10. To view the Top Spot, go to QwikFIND aaq77i.

Rank/Brand Ad Description Index

1 Pepsi Man asks for a rotisserie chicken, two chickens sumo wrestle 177

2 Oreo Triplets eat Oreos and milk, combine three cups into one 156

3 Verizon Wireless IN Bundles-car stops, three teens walk across bridge, find concert 156

4 Quiznos Sub Angus Double Steak and Cheese Sub-Baby Bob sits on bench 152

5 Edy's Dibs-man throws Dibs to boy on shoulders 148

6 M&M's Swirling kaleidoscope of M&M's, chocolate is better in color 143

7 Hyundai Sonata-interior, on highway, nicely equipped for under $20,000 140

8 Nike Lance Armstrong press conference, 1996, announces cancer 136

9 Healthy Choice Ice Cream-girl tells mom she's picked last on team, was alone in rain 134

10 ONDCP FreeVibe-surfing boys, since he was two, surf in rain, quick mind 134

Source: IAG Research ( Only new ad executions considered, airing weeks of June 20-July 17. The Likability score is the percentage of TV viewers who report to like "a lot" an ad they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing TV (among those recalling the brand of the ad). These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all new ads during the period. (Likability Index) 100 equals average.

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