24-Hour Party Potion

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We can't admire Lynx, and its Stateside equivalent, Axe, too much. Metrosexuality, indeed! Who knew that convincing young, aggressively het men that they need to douse themselves in a body scent to be attractive to women would be as easy as the fantasy of taking candy from a babe. Here, in a U.K. spot directed by Traktor, we have a world in which all the women are scantily clad hotties, even in low-paying service jobs. They wash cars, deliver mail and pizzas, make fast food and filet fish, all in the ripeness of their dim-witted pulchritude, backed by what sounds like a hip-hop hit, called "I See Girls." BBH and Unilever: why stop here? Can't you get these guys to paint their nails?

Client: Lynx Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty/London CD: Rosie Arnold CW: Tony McTear AD: Mark Hunter Agency Producers: Emma Fewtrell, Susan Vale Director: Traktor/Partizan Editor: James Rosen/Moving Picture Company, London Music: Charlie Morgan, Seb van Dam, Daniel Anderson/Leap Music

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