A-B's Vine Art

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Anheuser-Busch's new Anheuser World Select is burdened with the busy, A-B-originated slogan, "Ten Brewmasters. Four Continents. One Beer." What a relief that some of the ads behind this potentially pompous global production number, from Hill, Holliday/Boston, are unassumingly hip, green-schemed eye candy. "To reinforce this worldly positioning, we chose visual artists from around the world to depict the beer in print," explains CD Jeremy Schwartz. "We gave the artists three criteria to consider for their designs: make the color green significant to the design, since AWS is the first full-alcohol beer that A-B is bottling in green glass; feature the bottle shape and package design, either photographically or with a graphic approach; and consider incorporating the positioning line into the design." Done, with style, by Chicago's Cody Hudson and Brazil's Lobo group.

Client: Anheuser-Busch Agency: Hill, Holliday/Boston CD/AD: Jeremy Schwartz Art Buyer: Carolyn Dowd Illustrators: Lobo, Cody Hudson/Struggle Inc.

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