Can We Have a Diet Bongwater With That?

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Quiznos used to do weird stuff with Cliff Freeman; now it's doing weird stuff with The Martin Agency. We note that Quiznos is based in Denver; maybe it's the altitude. At any rate, we have super-lo-fi spots featuring cretinous, Flash-animated, rodentlike spokesmonkeys carrying on about "Mmmm . . . toasty," accompanied by the kind of song that works only if you're under the age of 6 or ripped out of your gourd. The Quiznos hook is that its subs are toasted-and so are its customers, apparently. It's not even spring yet and we already have the Stoner Campaign of the Year. The Martin Agency knows what brown can do for us; now it knows what green can do for us.

Client: Quiznos Sub Agency: The Martin Agency CD: Kerry Feuerman CW: Raymond McKinney AD: Ty Harper Agency Producers: Steve Humble, Holly Flaisher Director: Henry Bjoin/Bjoin Films Animation Director: Joel Veitch Editor: Devin Bousquet/Greybox Music: Joel Veitch, Alex Veitch

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