A Hunger Inside You

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The word "surreal" is rarely invoked while discussing a McDonald's ad, but it's the best way to describe "Inner Child," a new spot by Leo Burnett/Sydney that veers the normally vanilla "I'm Lovin' It" campaign into some unknown creative territory. Using eye-catching visual effects, the Australian spot shows kid versions of adults climbing out of their older bodies to fetch some spiritual nourishment from McDonald's, thus fulfilling the tagline, "Feed your inner child." Who knew it would take a trip around the world for the fast-food giant to discover that they had this kind of ingenuity within them all along?

Client: McDonald's Agency: Leo Burnett, Sydney AD: Matt Ryan CW: Stephen Coll Director: Joel Pront/Collider, Sydney DP: Danny Rahlmann Editor: Stewart Reeves/Guillotine Postproduction: Fin Design & Effects Music: Nylon Studios

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