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Audiences pricked up their ears last year when BBH/London introduced street-level, dialog-driven spots to the pantheon of cool, cinematic Levi's work, in ads for loose-fitting jeans. But soft, is this a Bard-based Levi's commercial which I see before me? Yep. The spot, "Midsummer," puts that popular Shakespeare play on the streets of L.A. and the fairies and queens are replaced with young things in denim. Says BBH CD Nick Gill, selling on the anti-fit message allowed creative to be expanded into a "philosophical message about life." Following the previous move into dialogue, Gill says creatives pondered "what would be the most surprising place to go with language. We hit on Shakespeare." For a director to pull all of this off, BBH tapped Noam Murro, who brought not just his well-documented filmic eye and way with performance but a correct sense of space, says Gill. "If you look at his work, he shoots streets and buildings beautifully. What he brought to this spot is an architectural sense of theater, if that doesn't sound too pretentious." Not at all-continue, Nick. "The nighttime streets of L.A. are shot like a theatrical stage and the actors confront each other like people on a stage. We wanted a spot that disoriented the viewer with its emotional resonance."

Client: Levi's Agency: BBH/London CDs: Nick Gill, Marc Shillum Director: Noam Murro/Biscuit L.A./Independent London Editor: Spencer Ferst/PeepShow London

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