The Art of Freshness

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According to Witt Rylander principal Michael Rylander, "For true sushi connoisseurs who worship at the altar of freshness, there is no holier ground than Sushi Sasabune in Los Angeles, rivaled only by its sister restaurant in Honolulu. Beyond the fanatical demands of the Seinfeldian Soup Nazi, head chef Nobi insists on arriving at the L.A. Fish Market early each morning-as early as 2 a.m.-to hand-pick the freshest, most seasonable fish available. Accordingly, each dish served is an exquisite delicacy that defies description. One mouth-watering bite quickly dispatches even the most dubious skeptic." This sounds like ad copy, but these in-store posters maintain the super-sushi stance almost entirely with Mark Laita's imagery, which, moreover, "avoids the obvious display of fish morsels draped over rice by showcasing Sushi Sasabune's ultimate priority: serving the ocean's freshest fish," says Rylander. "The word pairings and red Japanese kanji help suggest the time-honored tradition of the art."

Client: Sushi Sasabune Agency: Witt Rylander, Mill Valley, Calif. CW: Tom Witt AD: Michael Rylander Photographer: Mark Laita

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