Ashes to Cash

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So the vodka filter wars rage on. Smirnoff is now filtered 10 times. Soon we'll have Sisyphus Vodka-"You can't buy it because we're still filtering it." Anyway, Smirnoff, demonstrates the efficacy of its filtering process in an imaginatively bizarre U.K. spot, finely crafted by Traktor. The story in a tiny urn: A guy dies and his smarter brother has him cremated. Then he takes the ashes to a company called Live On, where your loved one's carbon remains are intricately sifted and centrifuged into a small diamond. This finds its way onto a chick's tooth, but not before the brother has pocketed a wad of cash. Interesting that Smirnoff has chosen to align itself with death and cremation, but we'll drink to it anyway.

Client: Smirnoff (U.K.) Agency: J. Walter Thompson/London CD: Nick Bell CW: Jonathan Budds AD: Anita Davies Director: Traktor/Partizan Editor: Joe Guest/MPC, London Music Supervisor: Pete Rayburn

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