Baby Got Back to the Future

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Svedka's last campaign, handled in-house, featured a woman being used as a table. Now the vodka brand, looking to take its downtown cachet mainstream, has hired Amalgamated and they've got a woman made out of a table. Actually, this life-size, fully articulated robo babe, known as Svedka_grl, is the work of Stan Winston Studio, and she's modeled on a living Swedish hottie whose entire exterior was digitally scanned in the interests of, uh, proportional symmetry. As for the 2033 comedy angle, "Most brands spend their entire lifetimes trying to get to a position where they can claim to be No. 1 in their category," says Amalgamated CD Doug Cameron. "We thought, Why wait when we can accomplish the same thing through a simple creative twist - set the campaign in the future. We can get people to imagine Svedka, a brand with relatively little awareness, as the category leader - the world's most popular vodka." Moreover, "We want Svedka_grl to ambiguously play off of a variety of art world themes, from the fetishization of technology to the objectification of a woman's body to the intrusion of marketing into our lives."

Client: Svedka Agency: Amalgamated, N.Y. CDs: Jason Gaboriau, Doug Cameron Creatives: Tommy Noonan, Matt Murphy Design Director: Candice Madrid Producer: Austin McKenna Photographer: CWS

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