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How do you make time for the BBC's new digital radio channels? By either never going to the loo (a man spends all day at the office holding his crotch) or never talking to anyone (another man spends all day at the office not answering his phone or talking to his colleagues, and when he gets home he ignores his young son and heads right for the radio). These seem like the kind of off-the-wall ideas Jim Jenkins usually writes as well as directs, but this work came from Fallon/London. And in the media world, few but the Beeb, home of Monty Python and so much great comedy, do bizarre spots like this. "Yes, these are probably a little too weird for the U.S., but the BBC is the closest you can get to a dream client," says Jenkins. "I was not only surprised that they bought Fallon's original scripts but even more surprised by how much they let us push the ideas - they even encouraged us to do so. We don't see a lot of their work here in the U.S., but it's pretty impressive when you see where they're taking things."

Client: BBC Agency: Fallon, London CD/AD: Richard Flintham CD/CW: Andy McCleod Agency Producer: Kirsty Burns Director: Jim Jenkins/Hungry Man Editor: Andrea MacArthur/Peep Show

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