Blarney Rubble

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Even by the standards, and we use the word loosely, of the New York Post-which, for those not familiar with this Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid, were its founder, Alexander Hamilton, to page through it today, he'd probably drop dead before he got to the sports section-this new campaign gives one pause. But it turns out it's not for general public consumption but rather a poster series for the Post's corporate headquarters, according to GSD&M, Austin, Texas, art director Bryan Pudder. "The intent is to boost pride internally for the Post's 200-year history, and it's also designed to be placed in more edgy spaces like bars and such, should they decide they want to do that." Yeah, but isn't that Irish idea a little out there, even for internal use? The Potato Famine killed like a million people. "The Post is known for the brazen way it presents the news," declares Pudder. "They're in touch with what's going on and they deliver big stories in a way that's unique to the publication, so we chose events that we could describe the most colorfully. As far as questionable tone, we couldn't hold back and be credible. We had to go right to the edge."

Client: New York Post Agency: GSD&M CDs: Mark Ray, Ralph Yznaga AD: Bryan Pudder CW: Trent Patterson Print Producer: Jessica Moore Photographer: Douglas Whyte

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