The Boob Tube

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Catherine Zeta-Jones is becoming an afterthought as T-Mobile discovers dumb comedy in a big way. Pushing 1,000 "whenever" minutes, we get preposterous scenarios of people who won't make expensive daytime cell calls. So some guy has gone "nocturnal," lurking behind garbage cans and hedges while he talks on the phone at night. The highlight is when he gets tackled by a dog, in a shot rivaling anything Reebok's Terry Tate has done. But in a far more memorable spot bordering on the objectionably disgusting, a bunch of campers are discussing the merits of making a daytime cell call to get help for their friend, who has a "bug bite." Then the victim emerges from a tent, and damned if he hasn't got what looks like a large breast growing out of his face. This could scare small children and pets, including the dog from the other spot.

Client: T-Mobile Agency: Publicis/Seattle CD: Bob Moore ACD/CW: Simeon Roane ACD/AD: Eric Cosper Director: Phil Joanou/Villains Editor: Paul Norling/Filmcore

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