Bottled Karma

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The subject of reincarnation doesn't come up much in wine advertising, but not only is it the gist of this new Venge Vineyards print campaign, it's got a gorgeous menagerie/landscape thing going on, too. "If a good wine is to be judged in part by its complexity and finish, then how might one describe the complexity and finish of an outstanding wine like Venge?" muses ACD Jim Elliott. "Surely no mortal words will suffice. Thus, we enlisted the opinion of several creatures reincarnated from previous human lives-their taste buds still savoring that long-ago sip." Better yet, the ads are shot by noted landscape photog William Huber (Dan Langley did the bottles), and this is completely in-camera work, giraffe and all. "All the images were taken in New England and around Cape Cod, which is curious because the look is unexpected for this area of the country," says Huber. "The choice of animals was daunting, but I love giraffes and the experience of being with two at the same time was amazing," he recalls. "I had very little fear of them, and the trainers were amazed how close they let me stand. Giraffes are very protective of their space and they'll kick if provoked. They can kill you easily." Other ads feature a Great Dane, a cow and the chicken, seen here. The dog and the cow were fine, but "the chicken, well, he was untrained and quirky as hell," says Huber.

Client: Venge Vineyards Agency: Cole & Weber/Red Cell, Seattle CD: Guy Seese ACD/CW: Jim Elliott CW: Josh Stern AD: Travis Britton Photographers: William Huber, Dan Langley Print Producer: Peter Calandra Digital Artist: Sean Onart

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