Brawny's Civil Union

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So there's a new Brawny man in town. He hasn't got a mustache, so, rather than being a Village Person, he's straight off Queer Eye for the Paper Towel Guy. But you have to love a paper towel client-this is a category that has suffered through decades of miserable absorbent-demo crap-that doesn't take itself too seriously. These spots are cheap, simple and sufficiently bizarre to be quite arresting, as one Brawny guy talks to the other via static shots of the product. There's some good dialogue, too. Asked to look inside himself during a meditation lesson, Brawny guy 1 says he sees a "cardboard tube." Don't even ask how it got in there.

Client: Brawny Agency: Fallon/N.Y. CD: Ari Merkin CWs: Scot Cooney, Allon Tartarka ADs: Jerome Marucci, Ellen Steinberg Director: Douglas Avery/Villains Editor: Tom Scherma/Cosmo Street.

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