Buddy Lee's Big Idea

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On behalf of all giantess fetishists, a hearty thanks to Lee and Fallon for this exceedingly well-made "Pretty Woman" spot, in which a building-size, car-crushing hottie paints her phone number on a billboard for some ordinary dude whose butt she's taken a fancy to. Yeah, this giantess idea has been done before, but not nearly often enough. Yeah, it pillages the classic rock catalog (with the titular Roy Orbison gem), but so does every other commercial, so whatever. The important thing is, guys who are waiting impatiently for Attack of the 50-Foot Woman to be released on a two-disc Criterion Collection DVD set with a special guest commentary by Gabrielle Reece will be watching this spot on their TiVos for years. As for the closing super, "Whatever happens, don't flinch," attributed to Buddy Lee- well, easy for you to say, lil' guy. If this chick were to notice you at all, she'd think you were a booger.

Client: Lee Agency: Fallon/Minneapolis CDs: David Lubars, Bruce Bildsten CD/AD: Dave Damman CW: Bobby Pearce Director: Paul Goldman/Partizan Editor: Jonathan Del Gatto/Terminal Visual Effects: A52 Music: Ten Music

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