Campaign: Absolut Raspberri

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Absolut's sixth addition to its vodka family is Raspberri, and the advertising gets huzzahs, thanks to the decision to use street artists in print/outdoor ads and TV spots for an "Unleash the Raspberry" motif. It's hard to go wrong when you're using street art, and Absolut and TBWA/Chiat/Day/New York have gone very right, enlisting David Ellis, Kenji Hirata, Maya Hayuk and Phil Frost "to unleash the wild and intense flavor" of the product, in the words of the client. For the four linked :30s that comprise the TV, the artists work on oversized bottles "with a halo background that fades to black, reminiscent of the iconic print advertisements," explains Absolut. A still camera captures the painting process every 30 seconds, and the resulting fast motion brings the art to life-as it eventually explodes off the bottle and into the frame-then to death, as a cleanup crew comes in to scrub down the "canvas" for the next round. This is all played to a great soundtrack supplied by a Brit human beatbox (see p. 42). Muses CD Patrick O'Neill, "In theory, we have created a never-ending TV commercial-a never-ending work of art." Too bad we can't keep drinking that long, Pat.

Client: Absolut Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, N.Y. WCD: John Hunt ECD: Patrick O'Neill CW: Gail Barlow AD: Lauren Harwell Director: David Ellis/Go Film Editor: Alex Lebedev/Origami Editorial Music: Killa Kela

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