CAMPAIGN: Duty and the beast

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Refuting the belief that court-ordered public education campaigns have to look and sound like political ads, BBH brings us the Esuvee Safety Campaign, an effort to reduce rollovers in SUVs among young men. "Having eight state district attorneys as clients was a scary thought, but it turned out to be one of the most pleasant working relationships we've ever experienced," say creative directors John Hobbs and Peter Rosch. Sponsored by 50 states, the $27 million campaign was money well spent, creating the mammoth CG Esuvee, an animal that is destructive if not handled correctly. Designed by Hobbs, with a grille for a face and headlights for eyes, the shaggy Esuvee is not only a great message vehicle, it's also a killer exercise in visual effects. In the TV component, we meet the snorting buffalo-like animal at a rodeo, where contestants must guide it properly around the arena in order to avoid rolling over. Print and internet incarnations also feature the beast and link to tips on how to drive, load and test tire pressure. "We couldn't show an SUV that resembled a real one, and we knew that from the start," say Hobbs and Rosch. "The Esuvee metaphor seemed like a pretty natural conclusion, given that people tend to personify or in this case 'animalify' their vehicles."

Client: Esuvee Safety Campaign Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty/N.Y. ECD: Kevin Roddy GCD: Thomas Hayo CD/AD: John Hobbs CD/CW: Peter Rosch Director: Danny Kleinman/Kleinman Productions Editor: Steve Gandolfi/Cut & Run VFX: Framestore CFC, London Art Buyer: Josette Lata Illustrator: John Hobbs/Framestore CFC

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