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"The brief was a tough one," says Gavin Kellett, head of copy at Publicis/London, of the new Euro "Hype" campaign for HP. "To bring the latest HP technology into the lives of one of the most cynical and media-savvy groups on the planet-young designers and artists-and help them realize their visions. Or, to put it another way, to get early adopters and style leaders to use the products of a big multinational corporation." Designers and artists were asked to submit work, the only provisos being it had to be personal and it had to feature the letters H and P. It would then be printed or projected, using HP equipment, of course, and displayed at a London gallery called Hype Gallery. The word went out via print, cinema and viral ads, and the response, says Kellett, "has taken our breath away and the campaign has gone far beyond expectations. 'Hype' has lived up to its name." Forty short films were recently shown in an underground car park, which attracted the attention of MTV, where they may be broadcast. has logged over 250,000 hits from some 150 countries. Work from more than 3,500 artists from across Europe, as well as Brazil, Hong Kong and Singapore, has been submitted. The aim is to roll out the concept across Europe in 2004; galleries in cities such as Barcelona and Berlin have been discussed, according to Kellett. Publicis CDs Chris Aldhous and Peter Hodgson, the creators of the concept, add that "the art has appeared as fly posters, web animations, press, hypertag posters-basically a poster that can talk electronically to your mobile phone-and as material in an instant art gallery set up on a roundabout." As they say here in the States, "everything is possible," indeed.

Client: Hewlett-Packard Agency: Publicis/London CDs: Chris Aldhous, Peter Hodgson

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