Campaign: Lynx "Touch"

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Lynx, that U.K. pioneer of demented metrosexualism, has done it again, with a new campaign on behalf of a Touch scent, which is apparently so potent not even the crack of dawn is safe around it. In a sultry scene reminiscent of a rank, sweaty Aussie beer commercial, a guy wearing the product has uncanny powers over all the women (and, interestingly, men-is this the all-female creative crew adding a postfeminist signature?) around him, as if he were the Puppet Master. They break out in sudden sweats, their clothes spontaneously unzip, they get immense nipple erections, all in concert with his unwitting actions. While every "benefit" associated with Lynx's pseudo sex aids is plainly just so much bollocks, even to the target, we'd guess, the sheer erotic bravado with which the client flogs its products is supremely admirable. And the underlying concept, of course, is as old as TV time, though it used to be presented with innocent humor. Anyone remember Hai Karate from the Golden Age?

Client: Lynx Agency: BBH/London CD: Rosie Arnold Creatives: Claudia Southgate, Verity Fenner Agency Producer: Susan Vale Director: Danny Kleinman/Large Editor: Steve Gandolfi/Cut & Run Effects: Framestore CFC Music: "Feeling the Love," Reactor

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