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We're here to celebrate some really local TV work in the coveted brewski category: it's mostly a bunch of cheapo stripped-down laddie spots that feature just a hottie on a white cyc. Really, what more do you need? She belches, takes some clothes off, and in one spot they do a beer-goggle bit. As for the local TV aspect, it doesn't get much more local than this. Six new Troegs spots-the beer is made in Pennsylvania and distributed in a five-state area-play only on the Penn State college campus television channel. The outdoor and poster work get the five-state treatment, however. The posters, taking a completely different tack, are artsy affairs made of Troegs caps (like the fish seen here), and there's also a similar crafts contest underway-see consumers (the horned figure below). At press time, five finalists were vying for a custom-designed bar. But back to the TV. "Troegs is a handcrafted beer brewed by two very down-to-earth brothers," says Buffy McCoy Kelly, GCD at Neiman Group, Troegs' agency. "Hold the rock 'n' roll, the hot babes and the manly man bullshit. These guys are all about a good, solid glass of all-natural ingredients that you can really sink your teeth into. So what's up with the hot babe in four of the six commercials?" Actually, we were wondering about that. Seems kinda odd for a microbrew. "Even connoisseur kind of guys still like hot girls in bikinis," confesses Kelly. "So we took a spin on the 'expected' beer spot. And never has a half-naked girl been more purposeful and relevant to a beer brand as it is for Troegs." Well, they do have a beer called the Troegenator Doublebock, which sounds like a sexual position Ah-nuld invented, so we're not about to argue.

Client: Troegs Agency: Neiman Group CCO: Rudy Banny GCD: Buffy McCoy Kelly ADs: James Madsen, Rudy Banny CWs: Rich Hilbert, Buffy McCoy Kelly Director: Rudy Banny/ Falling Olive Editor: Oren Sarch/ Convergence Music: Jay Green, Scot Flemming/Big Science

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