Canned Laughter

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We've gotta hand it to Red Bull and L.A. agency Kastner & Partners; the current stock photo-driven print campaign strays awfully far afield for an energy drink, with photos of fat kids, transvestites and assorted unathletic losers. There's even an ad, featuring a typical woman-with-pierced-tongue shot, that goes out of its way to assure us the product does not taste great. "Although Red Bull created the energy drink category in the U.S.," claims Kastner CD Tim Braybrooks, "there's still very little awareness of its actual benefits, even though they're listed on the can. Since Red Bull delivers so many benefits, we thought we'd focus on the very few things that it doesn't do." Hence the line: "Red Bull does everything it says on the can. And nothing it doesn't."

Client: Red Bull Agency: Kastner & Partners CD/CW: Tim Braybrooks AD: George Roux Print Production: Rick Gutierrez Photography: Stock

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