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BBDO hopes to make Doritos hip to thumb-frantic text messagers by talking to them on bus shelters, wildpostings and Times Square billboards in their own pidgin English-you know, the way Prince was writing even before the invention of the cellphone. It's the stock photo-assisted, grab-for-the-gusto "If Not Now, When?" campaign, and the target, known as millennials, is described by BBDO ECD Al Merrin as "a new kind of consumer-elusive, slightly cynical. We're trying to reach them through media that they use, and the message is simple: Life is out there, waiting for them. There's no reason to hesitate, to procrastinate . . . make it happen now!" It's all supported by a website, needless to say (, and, according to BBDO, the entire effort is a prime example of creative honcho David Lubars' "Compel, don't sell" new-media marketing approach, which even includes ambitious plans to fashion the triangular Doritos chip into a visual icon, as seen in the Gr8 logo.

Client: Doritos Agency: BBDO, N.Y. CCO: David Lubars ECD/CW: Al Merrin CD/AD: Richard Sabean CWs: Hope Grider, Steve Tredennick ADs: Sharon Jessen, Erik Bjorkland

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