Two Chirps Up

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Put Gerry Graf and his boys together with always inspired director Jim Jenkins and you're gonna get magic. Even for Nextel, whose pioneering chirpy, hopelessly intrusive walkie-talkie cell service is not exactly intrinsically funny. In the spot, we're in an office where guys-just guys-are semi-dirty dancing by themselves to Salt-N-Pepa's cretinously cheesy "Push It," while one suit sits idiotically with a boombox on his lap. This is because they don't have anything to do, as they easily demonstrate to someone who complains they're not doing anything-in a matter of seconds, it's proven that Nextel's amazing services have solved all their business problems. "In the casting, we never told the actors to dance badly," recalls Jenkins. "We looked for guys who actually thought of themselves as being pretty good, and let the humor come out naturally from that." It's hardly convincing from a business angle, but it's oddly memorable and completely funny.

Client: Nextel Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day N.Y. ECD: Gerry Graf CW: Ian Reichenthal AD: Scott Vitrone Director: Jim Jenkins/Hungry Man Editor: Dave Koza/MacKenzie Cutler

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