Chupa Chups Meets Upchuck

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In the frequently freewheeling world of Down Under, even the lowly lollipop can get a risky ad treatment. Witness the latest print work for Chupa Chups. "Based upon the product truth that Chupa Chups contains fruit pulp, this campaign shows images of fruit-smashed, pulverized and splattered against a wall-uncannily forming the shapes of the different fruit-flavored Chupa Chups," explains AD Peter Hibberd. "And, yes, fruit was harmed in the making of these ads." Right. But what about their resemblance to targets from a projectile vomiting contest? (Don't laugh, this will be an Olympic event someday.) Isn't this just a bit much for an edible product, even one for kids? Nope. "This campaign was clearly designed to be edgy from the start," Hibberd notes. "The image of smashed fruit connects with the youth market, reminding them of late-night rebellion-or pehaps simply of a late night."

Client: Chupa Chups Agency: Young & Rubicam, Melbourne National CD: Matt McGrath CD: Tony Greenwood CW: Julian Schreiber AD: Peter Hibberd Photographer: Adrian Lander Retoucher: Aaron Foster

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