Coin of the Stop-Motion Realm

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The stop-motion wizard known as PES (see has found a perfect client in Coinstar, which makes those wonderful machines you just dump all your change into, and for a bit less than a tithe you get a voucher you can redeem for paper money. When you show up at one of these babies with a few big jars of coins, it feels like you're winning money at some kind of Vegas video machine, though of course you're actually losing money. But the spot focuses not on the process but the result: we simply watch as coins emerge from all the likely places that coins might emerge from in a messy household, marching inexorably to what turns out to be a big stack that eventually forms one high-heeled shoe. This is accompanied by the tag, "What could your change be?" We can already envision women hopping to their nearest Coinstar.

Client: Coinstar Agency: Publicis/Seattle ECD: Bob Moore GCDs: Rob Rich, Gethin Stout CW: Jacob Baas AD: Scott Fero Agency Producer: Adam Oliver Director: PES/Czar.US Animators: Peter Sluszka, Ivan Able Editor: Sam Welch/Homestead Editorial

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