Death Be Not Cowed

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The American Association of Retired Persons: How long before they invade a Third World country, step one of their plan to take over the world? In the meantime, in cahoots with agency GSD&M, they're getting very tough with media buyers, a notoriously youthful and easily bored group, on behalf of AARP Publications and As the AARP's account director, Maureen Barry, notes, "The ads are indeed targeted to media planners, who do tend to be twentysomething, and to CMOs on the client side. Based on the testing we did, the body bag concept had absolute stopping power even with this young, somewhat jaded audience." A second ad features a middle-agester putting her makeup on, a chalk body outline surrounding her. A third "execution," coming soon: a 50+ couple at a spa, getting massages, complete with toe tags. We can feel ourselves aging while we impatiently wait!

Client: AARP Publications Agency: GSD&M GCD: Scott MacGregor, Derek Pletch CW: David Parson AD: Ralph Watson Print Producer: Kelly Grant Art Buyer: Kelly Walther Photographer: Uwe Duettmann

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