The Help Desk Not From Hell

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IBM has come up with a help desk idea probably quite unlike the help desk at your company. At this one, people have their problems handled expertly and with kid gloves by what amounts to the gods of technology, in a huge, white, sanitized loft environment that looks like the reception area of heaven. The good part is you don't have to be dead to use it. The bad part is it's not real, it's just a commercial. But as usual for IBM, it's a Pytka production, which is to say it looks really good and the acting is top notch. Even better is the virally infectious tag, which features a shot of an old-school red phone with a flashing red light-does Bush have one of these?-and an extremely upbeat, female "Help desk!" VO, after a rotary-era ring sound. There's something so retro-engaging about this, we want one.

Client: IBM Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/N.Y. ECDs: Chris Wall, Susan Westre CDs: Andy Berndt, Jeff Curry CW: Tristan Kincaid, Ben Hughes AD: Tim O'Malley, Jennifer Macfarlane Agency Producers: Lee Weiss, Laura Molinaro Director: Joe Pytka/Pytka Editor: Adam Liebowitz/Go Robot Music: Brian Banks/ Ear to Ear

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