You Do the Dew

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Mountain Dew's latest Times Square Dewscapade, which will be up through the summer, features billboards that allow the thronging millions to indulge their Dewesque fantasies. Which is to say you can crush a can on your head without suffering a contusion and you can guzzle a Dew like Popeye eats spinach without choking to death. This is a fairly complicated outdoor strategy that involves both sides of the street on 45th and Broadway, since ads across from the boards, placed on trash cans, must instruct hordes of fanny pack-bulging tourists on just what's going on here. "The intent is to engage pedestrians in arguably the most crowded intersection on the planet," says ECD Bill Bruce. "We want to use the space not only to surprise and captivate but to tie directly into the unexpected, irreverent spirit of Dew." Sweet, dude. "Yeah," adds copywriter Kevin Tenglin. "In Times Square it seems like every few feet someone's stopped to take a picture, and then everyone stops walking through their picture and it creates this traffic jam of people waiting to move. Man, that's annoying. So we thought, Let's add to that." It all ties in with a showcase on the Dew website, naturally, since what good is a Dew-it-yourself photo of you crushing a can on your head if the entire world can't see it?

Client: Mountain Dew Agency: BBDO/New York CCO: David Lubars ECD: Bill Bruce CW: Kevin Tenglin AD: Melinda Ward Illustrator: Scott Wotherspoon Photographer: Chris Collins Art Producer: Duffy Higgins Retouching: Rubber Fish Art

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