Drinking to Forget

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The two-bit bar campaign of the month award belongs to WestWayne/Tampa, where ads for Tiny Tap, a very popular little local dive, according to writer James Rosene, takes the compensating-for-a-blunder concept, here themed, "For a job not so well done," to places big clients can't go. Like messing with drugs-one of those tacky trailer signs reads "IDAHO POT 10 LB BAG 149"-and the priesthood. Though the stained glass idea "did get the most raised eyebrows," says Rosene, it flew. "If only all our clients were this cool."

Client: Tiny Tap Tavern Agency: WestWayne/Tampa CD: Scott Sheinberg AD: John Stapleton CW: James Rosene Print Producer: Alan Paul Photography: ILB

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