Ears to You

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Alpine Electronics and WongDoody have launched a viral marketing campaign via a rather bizarre six-minute sci-fi-styled web film called "Mute," which debuted last month at www.mutemovie.com. Directed music viddishly by the Brothers Strause, the film poses the question, "What would it be like to live in a world without music?" So Alpine takes us to a future in which people don't have ears, where, understandably, they don't listen to music or talk to each other, though they sure know how to kiss. The protagonist eventually finds himself in Alpine's Non-Stop Music 2003 Honda Civic demo car, listening to a track commissioned from Mike Simpson of the Dust Brothers-Alpine calls it "a genre-less music track that blends hip-hop with rock and trance"; this is a global campaign, after all-and damned if his ears don't just pop out of his head. "The underlying message is that Alpine opens [listeners'] ears to things they've never heard before," says CD Tracy Wong. Not to mention all the new piercing possibilities.

Client: Alpine Agency: WongDoody CD: Tracy Wong CW: Jeff Bossin AD: Eric Goldstein Director: Brothers Strause/HSI Editor: David Checel/Filmcore Effects: Hydraulx Music: Mike Simpson/L.A. Produce Sound Design: Tobias Enhaus/Machine Head

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