Fahrenheit 452

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As PSAs go, this one, for Chicago's United Neighborhood Organization, is pretty gripping and very well made. It features cops raiding a school bus, as the students on board try to hide their apparently illegal books, calculators and other educational paraphernalia. Tag: "No one has ever been busted for going to school." Well, give John Ashcroft time, OK? Closing super: "82 percent of all convicted criminals are dropouts." Director Jeff Labbe says, "This started with a friend of mine asking me to get involved for a small client and a pro bono project." With a total budget of 40 grand, "we begged, borrowed and stole to get it made," with help from Headquarters, A52 and Mad River Post. A noble effort, and quite the little reel-fluffer, too.

Client: United Neighborhood Organization CDs: Jeff Labbe, Kash Sree AD: Adrien Bindy CW: Nick Cade Director: Jeff Labbe/Headquarters Producers: Shelly Townsend, Tim Harmon Editor: Steve Prestiman/Mad River Post

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