Fat, Not Phat

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Could there be a worse name for a beer than Fat Tire? Maybe Fat Spare Tire? Then again, none of the usual mass marketing rules apply to a regionally-distributed Euro-chic microbrew aimed at a select crowd of guys who might be called the anti-Bud. The brand name refers to a particular sort of one-speed bicycle favored by a particular sort of one-speed bicycle enthusiast, and indeed, the spot features a guy-not the least bit overweight, incidentally-who builds a fat-tire bike out of junk parts and rides around happy as a clam, backed by a really peacey Devendra Banhart track that would probably make a Bud drinker want to kill. It's like a New Age music video, and the beer doesn't put in an appearance till the very end. It's the anti-phat.

Client: New Belgium Brewing Co. Agency: Amalgamated CD/CWs: Jason Gaboriau, Doug Holt Director: Jake Scott/RSA USA Editors: Rick Lawley, Jeff Jay/Whitehouse, N.Y. Music: "At the Hop"/Devendra Banhart

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