Fed Rex

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FedEx and BBDO continue to run the tightest and most literate comedy ship in the shipping business. Yeah, there's a good sight gag, where a guy who asks for a package to just be left on his desk has a two-ton pallet put there via forklift, but other than that things are, by ad standards, virtually on an intellectual level. "I was in the middle of a complicated exfoliation" is not a typical ad punchline, but it works brilliantly when a guy in a towel calls up to complain that his package was unexpectedly delivered exactly when it was supposed to be. The dialogue, the acting and the pacing are spot-on throughout. Even an all-Chinese spot is as crisp as a perfect egg roll. Kudos to director Frank Todaro, BBDO's Gerry Graf and all concerned.

Client: FedEx Agency: BBDO/New York CCO: Ted Sann ECD: Gerry Graf CWs: Peter Smith, Adam Goldstein, Scott Kaplan, David Johnson, Scott Vitrone, Gerry Graf ADs: Mike Gambino, Joel Rogriguez, John Leu, Gerry Graf, Ian Reichenthal Agency Producers: Elise Greiche, Alexandra Sterlin Director: Frank Todaro/@radical.media Editor: Jun Diaz, Ian MacKenzie/MacKenzie Cutler

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