Let Your Fingers Do the Filthy Talking

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Our hat, if not the rest of our attire, is off to the collaborating Toronto and Cincinnati offices of Gee Jeffery & Partners for this breakthrough lesbian kiss 'n' feel-a first, to our knowledge, for a mainstream client. The client is i-Wireless, a prepaid cell service with a www.push-buttons.com thing going on in the Midwest that cashes in on the mystifying Gen Z text-messaging rage, backed by ads, seen mainly in alternative newspapers and on restroom walls, that apparently only those in the demo can understand. Cincy CD Chris Heile insists the ads are "controversial not because they're offensive but because no one seems to know what they mean-except teenagers. These are not simply chat acronyms; we're actually creating a language here that kids innately get. We're in the process of having kiosks built where kids can code whatever word they want on a T-shirt." Uh, sweet. Adds Toronto CD Matt Litzinger, "Now teenagers can wear T-shirts to school that say things like 'Fuck off,' 'Eat shit' and 'Blowjob.' To their principals, these are just random numbers, some sort of new trend. To the teens, it's something they own. It may seem childish to you as an adult, but remember what it was like to be 17." We do, Matt. We had absolutely no interest in wearing a T-shirt that said "blowjob" in code. But that's just us. Anyway, thanks for the lesbian breakthrough and the other ads you made, which feature codes like "Swallows," "Double dip," "Bait" and"Trophy," all of which are as filthy as they sound. The translation of the above code, by the way, is "You wish."

Client: i-Wireless Agency: Gee Jeffery & Partners, Cincinnati/Toronto CDs: Matthew Litzinger, Chris Heile ADs: Adam Bailey, Eric Jones CWs: Andrew Hart, Brian Grossman, Nathan Dye Photographer: Eden Robbins Illustrators: Adam Bailey, Andrew Hart, Eric Jones

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