The Flame Game

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Fallon's TV spots for PBS continue to be better than anything on PBS. The latest gem, themed "Be more inventive," is one of those richly evocative Euro-flavored (though shot in Chile) period pieces that really does play like a minifilm-it was shot by features director Elias Merhige. Further-more, this is achieved without benefit of dialogue. It seems the library is burning down in some peasant-peopled village, and the town water pump is just about dry. Some old codger peeling fruit-not the village idiot, he's another old codger sitting backwards on a mule-comes up with the brilliant idea of catching the flame in buckets and passing them down a line to be doused by the dribbling pump. Stellar effects from The Mill, along with great casting, costumes and just about everything, make this spot very inventive indeed.

Client: PBS Agency: Fallon/Minneapolis ECD: Bruce Bildsten GCD: Mike Gibbs AD: Gerard Caputo CW: Dean Buckhorn Agency Producers: Brian DiLorenzo, Robert van de Weteringe Buys, Nicholas Gaul Director: Elias Merhige/Independent Media Editor: Rick Lawley/Whitehouse, N.Y. Effects: The Mill, N.Y. Music: Amber Music Sound Design: Mit Out Sound, Amber Music

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