Foreign Investments

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Filmfest promos are often reliable trophy magnets, and sure to be cleaning up on the awards circuit are these Vancouver versions, which parody foreign film conventions under the theme, "Maybe it's best that life isn't like a foreign film." A girl tries to gently break up with her boyfriend, but she's betrayed by the voice of an "introspective narrator" with a French accent. In a Dogme 95 spoof, two guys in the street are so nauseated by the cheap, poorly lit, shaky handheld video they're the subject of, one barfs in a trash can while the other shouts, "Damn you, Lars von Trier!" A couple, boring their German hosts, catches on to the fact that they're not wanted by reading the barbed subtitles on the screen. But it turns out the girl is wanted, for a threesome. We're heretofore unfamiliar with director Wayne Craig, but we're dubbing him a hit.

Client: Vancouver International Film Festival Agency: TBWAVancouver CD: Katie Ainsworth AD: Sue Boivin Agency Producer: Catharine Chesterman Director: Wayne Craig/Untitled Editor: Melanie Snagg/Coast Mountain, Vancouver Sound Design: GGRP, Vancouver

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